Tides are the original essences of Creation: mixing and overlapping they constitute the multiverse; shifting, they bring change to everything, keeping the Creation from stagnate. They are called the Thousand Tides for it’s unlikely that they can be numbered, since basically every macro-category could be a Tide. Examples are the Tide of Green, the Tide of Sand, the Tide of Winds, the Tide of Stars, the Tide of Dreams, the Tide of Thoughts, the Tide of Time, and so on (colloquially they are referred to as Green Tide, Starry Tide, Sandy Tide and so on). Those who live on Shore do not usually concern themselves with this cosmological interpretation of the notion of Tide: to them, the Tides are the somewhat navigable environments they live in and travel through, that sometimes shift, causing trouble and renewal. “The Thousand Tides”  is a common periphrasis for “the world”, as “all the Tides” and “every Tide” are used together with “all the world” and “everywhere”. Common sayings are «the Tides are shifting», «mutable as the Tides», «you never know when the Tides will shift» or even «it’s like trying to count the Tides». Anyway, most people on Shore is just concerned with those Tides that are usually sailed on, such as the Tide of Winds and the Tides of Blue or Green (here Blue signifies water and Green vegetation).

Healers have a common say: «Tides may shift, but never part». It means that when Tides naturally overlapping are separated, death and destruction usually occur (for example, you can’t separate the Tide of Green from the Tide of Water unless you want the vegetation to wither an die). No surprise then, that “Parting of the Tides” is a common perifrasis for Death, and that many people, referring to a recently deceased person, use to say «Her Tides have parted». Tides may part naturally (as when a fertile lands turns to desert through the centuries, or when a creature dies by any means) or by Magic.

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