Surges are emanations of power reverberating through a region from a creature, object or source of mystical energy, rippling reality in a subtle way. A Source may send forth its Surge concentrically, like a stone thrown into a lake, or in some directions, as a wave. Naturally, the nearer to the source, the stronger the effects. Surges can be permanent (if anything can be) or temporary, in which case they can last a few instants or entire ages, depending on their nature and Source. Common example of Sources for a Surge are Dragons, Fairy Queens, Beast Lords, Highborns, holy relics and places, powerful artifacts, extraordinary deeds, potent spells, great battles, miracles, etc. In order to produce a Surge, the Source does not need to be powerful, but it must be meaningful for the world in some way, for example, the purest maiden of the world may produce a Surge of goodness even if she has no power at all, and the non magical relic of a Saint (provided it is not a fake) is usually sacred enough to constantly emanate a Surge as large as the temple it’s kept in. Surges may also surface as a connection between two individuals who are extremely meaningful to each other, going both direction between the two, regardless of distance (this is often the case for Paladins and Knights vowed to the service of a King or a Lady). Very powerful characters can emanate Surges (permanently or occasionally), but they only do so if or when their existence and deeds meaningfully affect the world. Sometimes quantity is a factor over quality: for example, an extensive use of spells affecting the same Tide in a given place could end up producing a Surge of that Tide in the area (and the whole Cloudland of Arcania is known to be a wide Surge of Spiritism itself, centered on the capital), as could very long and intensive reiteration of some fact in a single place (very old graveyards have been know to bear small Surges of Death between their borders). Few individuals can perceive the Surge itself, but its presence or work is usually revealed by the passage of time, since it brings changes to the places it touches (the terrains around Dragons’ lairs are known to display features of those Dragons’ Greed, while forests hosting a Fairy court are famous for their labyrinthic vegetation). MAny Spiritists derive their magical capabilities by one Surge or the other, sometimes directly (as for a pact with a Fay or the influence of a Beast Lord) sometimes indirectly (as for a Relic inspiring faith in the Lifebringer). This form of Magic is called Cast the Flood since the link between the characters who practice it generates a small Surge around them (about 5 feet radius), which is a redundancy of the original Surge from which their powers are derived. For these reason, they’re often called Drops of that Surge. Also, Kobolds who serve a Dragon are Drops of its Surge. Materials touched by a Surge may be employed in spells and magical items creation.

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