Streams are currents of magical and primordial energies which flow like rivers through the Shore, sometimes even forming swamps or lakes, until they flow into some other layer of reality. There are Streams of the four Elements (Earth, Fire, Air and, of course, Water), Streams of basic principles of reality (such as Life or Death), Streams from the spiritual and soul dimensions (such as Consciousness, Madness, Oblivion, Love, Hatred, Emotion), Streams regarding forces of Nature (such as lightning or cold), and so on. Whether these currents flow to or from Shore is still a matter of debate between scholars. Streams cannot be perceived by normal senses, but they have a strong influence on the places they run through, originating peculiar environmental conditions and giving birth to special materials (this way we have magical fountains, enchanted forests and fiery valleys, but also claywood and four-leaved clovers). Materials from places bathed by particular Streams are instrumental in the creation of magical items and can be used as focus for the casting of spells (for example, iron from a mine crossed by a Fire Stream, is a suitable material for the creation of a firy sword – and may also produce one without the smith’s intention), which is why magical items are not so widely spread despite the magical nature of the Shore itself. Streams and Tides are often similar in name and essence (we have the Tide of Winds and we may have an Airy Stream), but Tides are mainly vast concepts that span through all Creation (the Tide of Life embodies all the Life in existance), shift slowly and are seldom noticed when Sailing or Magic are not involved; Streams, on the other hand, are precisely localized and produce easily observable effects. Streams do not limit their action to their building essence, they run through reality as a river runs through a plane. The Stream of Fire flowing through the Copper Hills, makes it easier to build a fire there and it burns longer, hotter and with less wood, but it also makes the summer longer, the food spicier and the locals more warm hearted (and also more colleric); everything there has some fire in it.

Note that, being Shore entirely divine in its origin and magical in its essence. there’s no real distinction between natural and supernatural currents (the Stream of Life springing from the Fountain of Helean is perfectly natural to the Shore). This means that the seasonal currents of the Severing Ocean and the strong winds beneath the Cloudlands can be considered Streams.

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