Ghost Ships

Ghost Ships haunt the Tides as well as the dreams of all the sailors of Shore (double trouble for the few who sail the Dream Tide). The term “Ghost” is used generically and sometimes improperly, since not all the Ships that are commonly designed by this name are actually ghostly in nature.

Under this category falls any vessel that doesn’t completely belong to the world anymore, but yet is somehow incapable of leaving it, surrender to decay or stop its sailing.

Ships of this kind are often completely or partially unrestricted by the medium they navigate, since they’re halfway out of the world.

Examples may be: undead ships of any sort, cursed ships, fiend-possessed ships, psychic or magical echoes of ships of the past, illusory ships, ill enchanted ships, etc.

Ghost ships are usually linked to a particular area or bent to a particular goal, but they may also be attracted or repulsed by something.

Necromancers are infamous for the deliberate creation of Ghost Ships to employ for their wicked purposes.

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