The Shore


The world of the Thousand Tides is a vast planet (loosely the size of Jupiter), where everything is divine in origin and the deeds and moral attitude of the people can directly affect the aspects of nature. Shore is also a twofold world: the surface realms are called Yarthlands and the inner realms are called Juhnlands. The Yarthlands look just like a common world, with continents, oceans, mountains and plains. Above the Yarthlands, islands soar high upon the clouds, constituting small nations on their own: they are called the Cloudlands, and move around the atmosphere, floating on the etheric streams that keep em in the sky. Beneath the surface of the Yarthlands stands the Maze, multiple levels of dungeons and caves that separate the Juhnlands from the outer world. Juhnlands are great halls and vaults, from the size of a big island to that of a small continent, with at least one border on the maze or on another Vault Land; between them, deep and dark pits, as wide as small seas, fall to the burning heart of the planet, and can be crossed only by means of flying machines, powerful spells or ships attuned to the Shadow Tide. The burning heart of the planet, which is said to be a direct passage to the Sun, provides light and heat to the Juhnlands, reverberating through veins of strange metals which illuminates according to their own rhythms, giving every vault-sky a different color and a different day-night circle. Though direct passages and traveling routes exist (most of which involve Ships), Cloudlands, Yarthlands, Mazelands and Juhnlands are mostly separate entities with rare contacts, often limited to the single travelers and merchants (or adventurers).

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